Chandler MHM

Chandler MHM holds Webinar on Antitrust – Credit Terms with Small Trade Partners

On 5 August 2021 Chandler MHM held a Webinar on Antitrust – Credit Terms with Small Trade Partners. The presenters from Chandler MHM were Pranat Laohapairoj, Panupan Udomsuvannakul and Supakan Nimmanterdwong. The presenters provided an update on recent developments in antitrust law with a focus on the newest member of the antitrust supplementary regulations – the regulation on credit terms with small trade partners.
The Webinar was well received with a high level of attendance, very positive feedback and lively Q&A session. 
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This is a first in a series of Webinars being held by Chandler MHM to keep you informed of legal developments and market trends. If you are not on our mailing list please also contact our business development team.