Chandler MHM

Chandler MHM holds Webinar on Disciplinary Procedure - Effective Human Resource Management as part of its Webinar Series.

On 8 October 2021, Chandler MHM held a Webinar titled Disciplinary Procedure - Effective Human Resource Management. The presenters from Chandler MHM were Isorn Chandrawong, Ratthai Kamolwarin and Sawanee Gulthawatvichai.

The presenters discussed what the rights of employers and employees are should employers take disciplinary action against employees in the event that employees do not meet the requirements of their employers. This might arise, for example, where new working practices are not complied with.

The Webinar was well received with positive feedback and high level of attendance from a broad range of organizations. The number of questions asked also reflected the high level of interest in this topic.

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