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Restructuring and Insolvency

Restructuring and Insolvency

Chandler MHM acts for creditors, creditor committees and debtors on due diligence and restructuring of corporate debt, and advises on reorganization proceedings under the amended Bankruptcy Act and under the Corporate Debt Restructuring Advisory Committee (“CDRAC”). Chandler MHM published an English translation of the amended law in 1999, and co‐published “Restructuring Eurobond Debt in Thailand”.

Rehabilitation and bankruptcy

  • USD 3,400 million Rehabilitation Case: acting for a state enterprise applying for repayment of debt owed by a Thai telecommunications company.
  • Advising and representing clients in a debt repayment claim under the rehabilitation process.
  • Represented the former executives of a major Thai petrochemical company in a series of litigation cases against the plan administrator.
  • Representing and acting for a foreign bank, the plan administrator, in litigation proceedings in relation to a claim of approximately US 6,700 Million arising from the debt restructuring of a Thai major plastic manufacturer under business reorganization.
  • Represented creditors in filing petitions for bankruptcy against debtors; creditors in filing applications for repayment of debt held by businesses under business rehabilitation; and debtors in filing petitions for business rehabilitation.
  • Represented a Thai state enterprise in a rehabilitation case involving a telecommunications company in respect to which the total claim amount was more than USD 300 million.
  • Represented a Thai real estate development company on its debt restructuring of more than USD 500,000 on a business rehabilitation case.
  • Advising and acting for a European company in bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings

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